In 2015, ECHA started applying its new compliance check strategy: it focused on checking the dossiers of substances that matter the most for the protection of people and the environment

This meant high-tonnage registration dossiers with important data gaps and with a high potential for worker, consumer or environmental exposure. ECHA checked the dossiers of 107 high priority substances for compliance. In most cases, the Agency drafted a decision requesting the registrant for the missing information. More statistics will follow in the annual evaluation report that will be published in February 2016.

ECHA identifies these substances of potential concern in collaboration with Member States and through an integrated screening which serves also the identification of candidates for substance evaluation. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure that the possible risks associated with their use are properly addressed through regulatory risk management measures. To give an advance warning for registrants, ECHA publishes regularly lists of substances that might be selected for future compliance checks. In 2015, ECHA also organised a targeted letter campaign on shortlisted substances inviting registrants to improve their dossier quality.