About Arcerion

Your partner in compliance and chemical control legislation


Arcerion provides the complete range of services to assist companies in complying with European chemical control legislation. We support the industry along the complete value chain – from manufacturers, users, importers to exporters. Our regulatory consulting is aimed to support our clients through the regulatory obligations of chemical control legislation and enable them to market their products internationally.


We offer the complete one-stop solution for compliance with the EU CLP (EC/1272/2008) and REACH (EC/1907/2006) regulation – from extended safety data sheets, exposure scenarios, only representative service, ECHA notifications and registrations for REACH and CLP. Our regulatory specialists help our clients to focus on their business while they take care of the regulatory processes.


Our objective is to facilitate the most efficient and cost-effective access to the marketplace for our clients’ products through utilizing our strong commercial experience and technical expertise in chemical and other industries.


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Dr. Michael Piber

Managing Director

++49 (0) 89 38898925


Trading products in the European market provides a series of challenges:
EU regulatory affairs, registration and evaluation of chemicals, communication along the supply chain, risk assessment and safety reports. Customers, business partners, investors and authorities demand reliability in fulfilling regulatory demands. Take the chance to shift these duties to be part of your competitive advantage.


Our team of consultants have long years of practical experience in managing regulatory affairs of substances, preparations or articles in the European markets. We combine the expertise of scientists and industry specialists to provide our clients a tailored solution to ensure full compliance and a competitive market access.


Arcerion has achieved a high acceptance rate of applications and registrations for our clients – and helped to promote the commercial profitability in a regulated market. As an experienced service provider, we enable and ensure your access to the market. Our success is your opportunity to gain competitive advantage through the regulatory process.