Companies need to apply for approval of a biocidal active substance used for treating articles if the substance is not yet part of the approval process.

According to the Biocidal Products Regulation, articles treated with biocidal products can only be placed on the market if the active substances are approved in the EU.
The deadline to apply for the approval of active substances which are used in treated articles and not yet in the approval process is 1 September 2016.
Companies will need to submit a complete dossier on the active substance to ECHA through R4BP 3 by this date to continue to place a treated article on the EU market.
After 1 March 2017, it will only be possible to place on the market articles which are treated with a biocidal product containing an active substance which is:
already approved for the relevant product-type;
under evaluation; or
listed in Annex I to the Biocidal Products Regulation, i.e. lower risk substances eligible for a simplified authorisation procedure.
The same applies to articles which intentionally incorporate a biocidal product (e.g. anti-odour socks that contain silver).

Companies must also be ready to provide consumers with information about the biocidal treatment of the articles they are selling. If a consumer requests information on the biocidal treatment of the treated articles, the supplier must provide it free of charge within 45 days.