REACH Registration Service

Arcerion Consulting will design the right registration strategy to achieve full compliance for our client’s REACH  (EC/1907/2006 regulation) obligations. We will assess all data requirements, evaluate data and prepare IUCLID registration dossiers. For non-EU manufacturers Arcerion can also perform the role of an Only Representative; for importers or EU manufacturers, we can act as your Third-Party Representative. For phase-in substances that have not been preregistered and all non-phase-in substances an inquiry process at ECHA will be performed. If applicable a late pre-registration will be submitted to benefit from an extended deadline for REACH registration in June 2018. We will join the Substance Information Exchange Fora (SIEF) and collect existing data. All information for REACH registration will be brought together in IUCLID, the registration dossier will be created, and submitted to ECHA via REACH-IT.


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