Supply Chain Services

We assume the obligation of performing the communication along the supply chain of our client’s products with respect to the requirments of relevant chemical control legislation.


Communication with suppliers

Effective communication between downstream users and suppliers ensures that relevant information is provided in the supply chain. Downstream users may provide information regarding their uses to their suppliers, at least one year before the relevant registration deadline. Registrants can then include these uses in their chemical safety assessment. Suppliers should provide information on the conditions of safe use of hazardous substances to downstream users. Downstream users may, in turn, contact the supplier if the conditions of use that are described do not match their actual conditions of use. Downstream users need to inform their supplier if the recommended risk management measures are inappropriate. When downstream users become aware of new hazard information, they should also inform their immediate suppliers without delay.


Communication with customers

Safety data sheets (SDSs) are an important method for communicating information on the safe use of hazardous substances and mixtures to downstream users and distributors.

Exposure scenarios (ESs) give information on how the exposure of workers, consumers and the environment to substances can be controlled to ensure their safe use. When required, exposure scenarios are provided as an annex to the safety data sheet. Supplier of a hazardous mixture, have to communicate information on its safe use to your customers. This should include relevant information on operational conditions and risk management measures from the exposure scenarios received for the substances in the mixture.