REACH Inquiry Dossier

The submission of a REACH inquiry dossier is demanded by ECHA in accordance with REACH article 26[8] to determine whether a registration or another inquiry has already been submitted for the same substance so that data sharing mechanisms can apply.
In the following cases an inquiry dossier has to be submitted previous to the REACH registration:


  • for phase-in substances that have not been pre-registered and that cannot benefit from a late pre-registration
  • for non-phase-in substances
  • for substances for which previously a PPORD notification was done, but extension of the PPORD notification is no longer possible
  • previous to the update of a registration dossier because of tonnage band increase


After submission of the inquiry dossier ECHA will inform the potential registrant if the same substance either has previously been registered less than 12 years earlier or if several potential registrants have made an inquiry in respect of the same substance.