Last year, the Member State competent authorities redefined all in situ generated active substances in the Review Programme. Notifications for alternative precursors or systems for in situ generation have to be submitted by 27 April 2016.

The notifications may also need to be submitted for the active substance as originally defined before the redefinition (i.e. not in situ generated). An example where notifying such a manufactured active substance may be appropriate is sulphur dioxide. It is now re-defined as "sulphur dioxide generated from sulphur by combustion". This means that it is no longer supported as an active substance on its own.
However, sulphur dioxide is also supplied and used on its own as an active substance without being generated in situ. To take over the participant's role for sulphur dioxide as an active substance, a notification has to be submitted by 27 April 2016.
The same may apply to other redefined active substances. A clarifying note has now been added to the overview of "In situ active substance/precursor-combinations open for notification" available on ECHA's website.