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Cefic suggests fast-tracking some EU registrations

Cefic has suggested the idea of fast-tracking certain types of EU registrations of chemicals to meet urgent demand during the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis.

Cefic product stewardship executive director Sylvie Lemoine praised the European Commission and Echa for engaging “swiftly and constructively” with business groups to tackle supply chain and regulatory bottlenecks.

Echa has already pushed back deadlines for some activities, such as the start of its completeness checks of the chemical safety reports that form part of some REACH registrations, and Cefic has welcomed such actions.

The idea of fast-tracking, Dr Lemoine said, would be for substances used as ingredients for urgently needed pharmaceuticals; new ingredients that were previously produced elsewhere but now need to be produced in Europe for the first time; or for substances produced by companies that are newcomers to the market.

Cefic is ‘not calling for a permanent change or anything new – just a need to be conscious of the needs of critical supply chains’

Cefic remains committed to working “in parallel” with the Commission on key policies. These include the chemicals strategy for sustainability – now expected in September – and the action plans on the circular economy and zero-pollution. And for its members, regulatory compliance remains a priority, together with health and safety and serving the needs of society.