The UK REACH competent authority is asking British firms, and those with UK components to their supply chains, to let it know of potential impacts and needs in relation to 2018’s final REACH registration deadline.The authority comprises the environment ministry (Defra) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). In July, following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, it made it clear that in relation to implementing and enforcing REACH it is business as usual.

The authority is currently analysing which firms will need to comply with the REACH deadline through a number of different approaches. These include ‘top-down analyses’ of pre-registrations and other information, and asking firms directly about their intentions to register.

It has also established a REACH registration 2018 sub-group of its advisory Chemicals Stakeholder Forum. This will take a ‘bottom-up’ approach in consulting trade associations and firms directly on their views on a number of issues. Specifically, it is asking British firms and those with supply chains in the UK that may be affected to respond to the following questions:

  • which are the vulnerable sectors/ products/ substances/ substance groups that you are already aware of?
  • what is the best way of identifying any other vulnerable downstream sectors/ products/ substances/ substance groups that might present a supply chain risk but are currently unknown?
  • what actions and support activities would be most helpful from the competent authority, including steps to help ensure the minimisation of animal testing?
  • how might your organisation, or others, work with the competent authority to reach those downstream of pre-registrant companies to gather further intelligence? and
  • are there any immediate practical ideas or suggestions you would want the UK competent authority and/or Echa to consider that would help you with the 2018 REACH registration deadline?