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More than 21,000 substances registered under REACH

Echa has received 33,363 registration dossiers for 11,114 substances manufactured or imported in quantities of between 1 to 100 tonnes/year. These were the final figures achieved yesterday, the third and final REACH deadline.

For all three registration deadlines of 2010, 2013 and 2018 combined, the agency has received 88,319 dossiers for 21,551 chemicals.

The number of registrations submitted, and substances registered for, was lower than forecast, Echa said. It had previously predicted that by 1 June up to 25,000 chemicals would be registered for the first time in the 1-100 tonnage band.

For the 2018 deadline, 6,824 chemicals to be manufactured or imported, below 100 tonnes/year, have been registered for the first time.

In total, 6,242 dossiers were submitted for 4,263 chemicals with uses including as an intermediate. Those registered as intermediates numbered 3,525.

Close to the 31 May deadline, Echa said it saw many indications that companies were starting their registration preparations very late. A high number of REACH enquiries were submitted for:

  • companies wanting to get in contact with the existing registrants of their substance;
  • data-sharing disputes filed; and
  • applications made for solutions offered by the REACH Directors’ Contact Group (DCG) for companies in ‘exceptional situations’.

And based on these observations, the agency said it expects “many registrations still to arrive after the deadline”.

Next year, an EU-wide enforcement project (Ref-7) will assess to what extent European companies have fulfilled their registration obligations.