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All petroleum REACH registrations could be affected by mixtures proposal

A mixtures assessment factor (MAF) of ten or higher would affect all relevant REACH registration dossiers for petroleum substances, according to oil industry trade association Concawe.

Sweden and the Netherlands have asked other EU member states for feedback on the idea of implementing a MAF under REACH to account for combined exposures from unintentional mixtures.

Risk assessment under REACH does not currently account for an individual substance’s potential to form part of an unintentional mixture and thereby pose a greater risk compared with the substance on its own. The Swedish-Dutch proposal aims to change this by requiring registrants to incorporate a MAF into their chemical safety assessments (CSAs).

The MAF would be a number by which a key value in the risk calculation should be multiplied to nominally increase the final result. As proposed, it would be a generic, fixed value in all cases, although this is still open to discussion.

Under the proposal, the MAF would be relevant to all substances requiring a CSA, which are those manufactured or imported in quantities of ten tonnes a year or more.